Our history gives you a glimpse of our growth achievements and progress in the field of Post Op Kits

  • 2011, PinPoint Optics introduced our Patented Glasses for Post Op Cataract Kits (POCK) at the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) Annual Meeting after extensive research and testing. Our kits offer significantly better quality and provide easier-to-store solutions than what is currently available in the USA and abroad. These products have benefitted both those in practice and their patients immensely.
  • 2012, Expanded to overseas distribution.
  • 2013, PinPoint Optics launched the Post Op LASIK Kits (POLK) product line at the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) and AAO. These are now a very popular items for refractive patients used in clinics and hospitals worldwide.
  • 2015, PinPoint Optics introduced our new medium-sized glasses and, to this day, remains the only company offering multiple-sized Post Op glasses as well as Amber and Gray lenses choices.
  • 2017, Pinpoint Optics packaged +2.50 reading glasses with our popular Amber Large Post op kits call POCK+.
  • 2018, Expanded the distribution to the West Coast in the Seattle WA area.
  • 2019, Expanded to new offices.
  • 2020, Serviced our many customers throughout the pandemic never missing time off.
  • 2022, Expanded our Corporate offices to include all forms of custom Post Op kits and components.
  • 2023, Launched New Website